About Us

Nigerian Graduates’ Journal (NGJ) represents an on-line open-access collection of completely supervised thesis/project and research works of graduates, covering a wide range of disciplines, fields, specialities and topics from various Nigerian Universities and institutions.

This website is a product of passion driven vision combined with efforts to relate to the “world screen”, researches carried out by Nigerian graduates and graduate student authors both at home and in the Diaspora by playing an instrumental role in enhancing its availability, accessibility, and reach, as well as showcasing their ingenuity.
We boast of Originality in authorship of publications on our site hence we ensure the research work has been carried out by the graduates/graduate students and successfully “defended” in host University/Institution before publication.


Students have indispensable viewpoint/ideas about the world around us. Regrettably, few venues abound for the expansive dissemination of these ideas, with most being shared with a number of teachers, lecturers, professors, advisers, or fellow students.  The truth being that most times, the student gets little or no credit for an in-depth study or research work carried out. Our goal is to offer students new opportunities to share their work with their immediate communities and the world at large. To achieve this objective, reviewers from Nigerian Graduate Journal carefully scrutinize the articles to ensure its originality and standard. The contents of the works have been left unaltered to ensure compliance with its originality. This is to further reveal the extent of work carried out by the student and supervisor(s) in their host institutions.

By utilizing the highest standards, all articles are carefully evaluated by Nigerian Graduates’ Journal reviewers. The ultimate value is placed on the use of references, the quality of work cited, and the depth of research presented. Works below our set standards are respectfully turned away, with recommendations for improvement.

Publishing in Nigerian Graduates’ Journal

Are you interested in having your academic work (Project, thesis and dissertation) published? Work published by Nigerian Graduates’ Journal must have been carried out, fully supervised and successfully defended by the student in his/her host University or Institution.

However, the work should be characterized by the following: Expression of new, provocative, or intellectually intriguing ideas; systematic referencing of other high-quality sources; consistent use of proper grammatical conventions; writing and research polished and ready for consumption by a large audience. If your work meets the above standard and you would like to publish your work where accessible by a large global audience, please visit our THESES SUBMISSION page for more information.