Theses Submission

NOTE: Fees: Submitted papers/articles will be published if found credible by reviewers after undergoing our peer-review system. A publication fee of N1500/ $10 will apply when the paper/article is accepted. This is usually between 2-3 weeks. But presently,we are publishing papers for free.

If a paper / an article is accepted after review, full article in PDF format will be available at “Recently Published” indicating the category in which paper has been published. Registration with Nigerian Graduates’ Journal is free and all paper works are available to registered members. 

How to Submit Article

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How to Write a Post (Articles) : -

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Step 6 :
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How to Assign A Category To Your Post  :-

Step 11 :
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In All categories you will find a list of all categories,
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How To Assign A Blog Category To Your Post  :-

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In All categories you will find a list of all categories ,
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How to Submit For  Review (After Assigning Categories ) :-

Step 13 :
After assigning categories, click on ‘Submit For review’ Button (This is also in right sidebar of this page). Once submitted, admin will get back to you within 48 hours.


Concerning students in their final year,they could be seen as undergraduates considering they have not completed their project/thesis works as the case may be. Until these students have successfully completed their works and “defended”,they can then be referred to as ‘graduates’. This is our objective opinion.

This is to say that they can submit only when they are done with their defence and the work approved/signed by the defence committee,department and faculty.
(This endorsement by the department especially, is necessary as prove that the student actually conducted the research work. Hence the student will also send us a scanned copy of the approval/signed page.)
Secondly, the Nigerian Graduate journal philosophy is rooted in projecting the uniqueness of the research works carried out by the Nigerian graduates and graduate students and overseen by the supervisor assigned to the student by the department or faculty. The guidelines for publication with NGJ is based on the supervisor’s or faculty  instructions . Our reviewers do not alter the content of the papers. 
Our reviewers mainly conduct an in-depth study of the research works and acceptance is based on authenticity of the work and its profound nature.
The paper MUST be submitted in PDF format.
(The easiest way is to convert the soft copy to PDF if it has been typed on MS word document.)
Alternatively,you can submit/send your paper/article to