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All information published is intended to have informational, academic, educational and/or research value. It is the primary goal of Nigerian Graduates’ Journal to promote academic electronic publication for young graduates the world over starting from Nigeria.

Nigerian Graduates’ Journal, N.G.J., makes every effort in ensuring that no inaccurate or misleading data, opinion or statements appear on this site, hence we contact students host institution to verify authenticity of authorship.
We wish to also make it clear that the data and opinion appearing in the article and advertisement herein are the responsibility of the contributor or advertiser concerned. However, we take full responsibilities for any errors in typography, structure or format in presentation where it is proven and ascertained different from the original work. Such mistakes would be effectively corrected.

In the same vain, Nigerian Graduates’ Journal, N.G.J., and the administrative board of this online journal accept no liability whatsoever for consequences of any such inaccurate or misleading data, opinions or statements. The content of the articles will not be altered in any way as the publications will be only in PDF or doc. formats. This is to ensure no data is altered.

President and owner of Nigerian Graduates’ Journal, N.G.J., is Osuji Kenneth C.,(O.D) (email address: kennethfreeman91@ngjpub.com). Reviewers of each electronic journal were selected according to his/her knowledge in his/her specific fields. He/she is responsible for ensuring the credibility and standard of the articles before publication. Their email addresses are displayed (if available). All authors of any published material are clearly displayed/acknowledged by name and affiliation and (if available) are linked to their email addresses.

All efforts are made by the Nigerian Graduates’ Journal publication, N.G.J., to maintain currency of published information. All published articles, projects and theses will be in PDF format except when strictly required otherwise.
The correct citation for reference is: Author: Title; Type of document (PDF). *Journal l title*. Year published, Volume, Number. URL. of the publication. Date published and date last updated but for papers published in our journal,the reference: Author:Category; Type of document(PDF), date published and URL of the publication.

Archiving policy
All efforts are made by Nigerian Graduates’ Journal publications to maintain archives with previously published information.

A few links could be made available depending on authors specifications and requests.

All efforts are made by Nigerian Graduates’ Journal, N.G.J, to maintain the confidentiality of published data and pictures.

Copyright policy

After publishing with Nigerian Graduates’ Journal, the author still reserves the right to publish on any other journal deemed necessary by the author or host Institution.

Conflict of interest/Advertising Policy
Nigerian Graduates’ Journal will disclose any conflict of interest between presented information and sponsors of the website. Advertising logos are clearly presented as such and do not influence the administrative freedom of the website. For recruitment of labor in Nigeria and Saudi Arabia, Nigerian Graduates’ Journal offers 20 percent of every business dealing to be shared among individuals that assist in our recruitment processes and other witnesses while 80 percent goes to Nigerian graduate’s Journal. In the event of any conflict in the above,Nigerian Graduate’s Journal will make every detailed information available for legal actions.